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Efficient Mesh Design

Both the A2A HUD and Conference models of the GridFone are made by 3d professionals for optimum rendering efficiency in any game or virtual platform for maximum interface performance. Both models are of cutting edge design, minimizing vertex counts while maximizing Level Of Detail. We utilize the most efficient 3d […]

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Robust Ubiquitous Service

GridFone is dedicated to enabling communications network services for avatars in every possible virtual world, virtual reality, augmented reality, or game platform we are able to. We are coding this to route around any possible blockage of service, with so many ways to communicate that platform providers would need to […]

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Get a Gridfone

GridFone is currently in development. To learn more see What is Gridfone? We will have details on how to find our products in different marketplaces here. To chat with our staff, feel free to login to the chat.

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App Store

Developers can create more apps to function on the GridFone’s Snowboard Operating System, with our SDK, which users can purchase through our App Store. Apps from calendars, office tools, games, animation overriders of all kinds, equipment rezzers, if you can code it, you can sell it on the app store. […]

About Galactic Systems

Galactic Systems Inc was incorporated in 2014 as a Delaware C Corporation to develop new technologies for the virtual reality market by renowned virtual worlds developer and virtual finance pioneer, Mike Lorrey. After seeing the massive amounts of capital being invested in various VR companies in the past several years, […]

Our Team

Founder, CEO: Mike Lorrey emailĀ  LinkedIn Mike has extensive entrepreneurial experience going back 27 years in aerospace, energy conservation, data, direct marketing software, writing, web development, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and virtual finance. He is the co-creator of the prototype of bitcoin, known as bitgold, inventor of award winning energy conservation […]


Virtual reality in all its forms: virtual worlds, games, augmented reality, etc, are one of the key technologies that will transform our lives in the coming decade. The 2d internet will shift a lot of its content to 3d metaverse, as individuals seek more immersive social experiences, retailers seek to […]

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