About Galactic Systems

Galactic Systems Inc was incorporated in 2014 as a Delaware C Corporation to develop new technologies for the virtual reality market by renowned virtual worlds developer and virtual finance pioneer, Mike Lorrey. After seeing the massive amounts of capital being invested in various VR companies in the past several years, GSI has chosen to adopt a strategy of developing service technologies that can serve any virtual platform, no matter who wins the platform wars of the coming years.

While others are focusing on virtual currencies, or 3d content markets, or gamification, we have seen that many have concluded that the “killer app” of VR is socialising, in a more immersive way than social network sites, or chatrooms, irc channels, forums, etc. The core of socialization is of course, communications, yet most VR platforms seek to trap users into proprietary walled gardens that fail to leverage network effects. We see this trend toward building walls as an opportunity to tear them down and earn a profit doing it.

Many say that the Soviet Union was destroyed by the fax machine. In the 80’s, secret networks of dissidents spread home-made newsletters about what was really going on, information that wasn’t appearing in government propaganda, over fax machines in offices after hours. These were called “Samizdat networks”. Similarly, chinese dissidents sought to establish true democracy in China, and communicated with allies in the West via fax machine networks used in a similar fashion, because governments were not equipped to guard every fax machine, or to wiretap every fax transmission.

Today, the walls around the corporate VR platforms will come down because we will tear them down, like Morpheus freeing Neo from The Matrix, we will equip every avatar that acquires a GridFone the ability to distribute free versions of the GridFone to everyone they know, in every world they visit. We will leverage network effects to virally liberate the metaverse from the corporate jailkeepers.

It is only by opening up the channels of communications between worlds, that the avatars of all worlds, and the people behind them, will be able to enter the doors of perception.