GridFone Update

Hypersonic Systems (aka Galactic Systems Inc, a Delaware LLC) is continuing its development of its GridFone technology.

We have transformed our earlier LSL/PHP script system into a solid and robust Websockets technology that interfaces with our LSL codebase inworld for solid, reliable, unblockable intergrid communications between ANY VW/VR/AR platform we choose to do business on. The GridFone, when it is introduced, will provide robust, reliable, seamless A2A (avatar to avatar) as well as conferenced group chat communications between SL, any hypergridded OS grid, other closed grids, as well as beginning service into High Fidelity and Unity based worlds.

“You will be able to reach anyone, on any grid or world, you choose to communicate with, even those who do not themselves have GridFones,” said CEO Mike Lorrey, “and we will be marketing heavily in Second Life to ensure that the Wall around the SL Garden comes crashing down just as assuredly as the fax machine destroyed the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union.”

GridFones will start with A2A and group chat services, expanding with an app API/SDK for other developers to create apps for our Virtual Smartphone System, to sell in the GridFone Appstore, and eventually both voice and even video communications that will be more reliable than Vivox, and unlike Vivox, as interworld-capable as our text chat system.

GridFones will be available on the Kitely Marketplace, the SL Marketplace, as well as our various stores in the Gloebit and Podex economies. GridFone users will be able to buy friends ad-supported “freemium” GridFones straight from their own gridfones, and gift them to those friends on any grid or world. Every ad-supported GridFone can be easily upgraded to ad-free with a low cost subscription or sufficient levels of app purchases on our app store with Galacticoins, Gloebits, Podex, KC, L$, paypal, bitcoin, or other currencies we may implement.

Alpha testing of GridFone will begin with a limited number of invited parties within a month. Market introduction of GridFone v 0.25 will commence in mid-to-late-summer 2017.