GSI Begins Raising Angel Round

GSI has now completed its business plan centered on the GridFone technology/platform for cross-platform communications between VR/AR/Game/VW and Web users. We have begun recruiting angel investors, who so far are all very positive about the plan and technology. We are raising $150,000 USD to fund development for the next 6-12 months, and can accept up to 30 unaccredited investors to participate in this round of fundraising. We are offering 9.0-11.25% of the company equity in this round, and angel investors are being offered a 50% bonus/discount toward the ICO we have planned for 4-6 months from now. The ICO will seek to raise $5 million for 15% of the company with our equity token, the Galactic Stoken (for security token). ICO funds will go toward phase 2 of development to implement voice interactivity, as well as to fund global marketing as we enter Unity3d and Unreal markets.
Interested parties should contact Mike Lorrey, GSI CEO, for further information and a prospectus, or see our investor portal.