Our Team

Founder, CEO: Mike Lorrey email  LinkedIn

Mike has extensive entrepreneurial experience going back 27 years in aerospace, energy conservation, data, direct marketing software, writing, web development, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and virtual finance. He is the co-creator of the prototype of bitcoin, known as bitgold, inventor of award winning energy conservation lighting products, was once one of the top 25 developers in Second Life, and built several of the first virtual stock exchanges, which gave rise to the entire crowdfunding movement.

He advises family offices and high net worth individuals on investing in transformative, disruptive technologies, and worked with futurist think tanks like the Extropy Institute, serves on the board of advisors of the Lifeboat Foundation and chairs the Building Committee of the International Spaceflight Museum, as well as chairing the Commerce Working Group of the Infinite Metaverse Alliance.

Counsel / Smart Contract Coder: Stephen T Davies

Stephen is a licensed attorney in the State of California with extensive and broad experience in contract law, litigation, through his full service law firm, Turner Litigation Services, and as a board member of the California ACLU. He also sits on the board of Humboldt Mediation Services, which provides alternative dispute resolution services throughout Humboldt County. Beyond his legal practice, Stephen is an experienced computer programmer, with an affinity for BSD, and has experience as well in Virtual Reality as a member of the Second Life Bar Association and has represented multiple clients based on issues arising from virtual reality.

Chief Marketing Officer: Elizabeth Barron

Elizabeth Oakes is a veteran of creating and managing successful marketing ideas to bring success to organizations and individuals. After being introduced to Mike Lorrey, she developed an interest in cryptocurrency, and has enthusiastically brought that into her marketing spectrum. She is a marketing advisor for Galactic Systems, Inc, a LinkedIn influencer, mom, and is currently writing her first book.

Chief Operating Officer: Hugh Lorrey

Hugh has a life of experience managing the day to day operations of a number of different business models, ensuring that everyone else keeps a steady flow to their work and ensuring they have what they need to complete their work.

Chief Technology Officer: Rob Lindman

Rob’s experience includes a wide range in both VR and blockchain. He was a member of the original libSL team that built the tools that enabled the open sourcing of OpenSim as an OS version of Second Life. He has also coded for BNT Holdings, one of the top development companies in Second Life including the launch of the Ancapistan Capital Exchange.