Recent Interworld Conference

GSI CEO Mike Lorrey recently ran a test of the robust capability of GridFone to interface avatars in the virtual world, with persons in the real world. While riding a bus from New Hampshire to Boston on May 21st, using a four year old Samsung smartphone, he was able to interface with the weekly community meeting, which was attended by some 20+ avatars. Communications ran both ways reliably for the entire span of the meeting. This is a great test of the robustness of the GridFone service, as well as our dedication to the idea of enabling people to communicate with each other in any world they are operating in.

“My attendance at the Kitely Community Meeting did not require me to install ANY special viewers or grid clients to log into an avatar,” Mike said, “It was quite amazing, and I believe a historic first. All I had to use was the GridFone web chat page to interface and interact with every avatar at that meeting.”