What Is Gridfone?

GridFone is a product and a service, much like your cellphone, in fact, exactly like your cellphone, but for your avatar you use in virtual worlds, virtual reality, or augmented reality.

Most VR/VW/AR platforms are proprietary or closed. Even when they are open (like OpenSim), they are coded in such an ad hoc fashion by nonprofessionals, that communication across the community is often very difficult if not impossible using the default “services” available, and it is impossible to communciate between one platform and another.

Until Now.

GridFone will enable you to have avatar to avatar, region to region, grid to grid communications on demand with any other avatar in any virtual environment/platform on which we provide service.

Current Status

Currently, the core code of GridFone is in private Alpha Testing as a robust, rugged, persistent chat relay system much like Conference Phone systems, to introduce the public to our brand and capabilities, and attract alpha testers. We currently work with International Spaceflight Museum, a Texas 501c3, and Seanchai Library, a similar nonprofit in Washington State, in testing this technology in their intergrid meetings and live performances.

Once the GridFone goes on the market, the Alpha version will allow for private, switched, conference calling between multiple locations in any region, grid, or multiple virtual platforms without any interruption in services.

It also allows inworld conferences to be interfaced via a web chat page by anyone on a normal web browser.

GridFone HUD

Once we have built out the system, we will introduce the GridFone HUD, which you can wear on your avatar screen to engage in secure communications with any other avatar in any other virtual world we do business in. The HUD will appear like any modern smartphone, with a media screen, control buttons, and multiple applications including the text chat functionality in addition to a number of other useful utilities for an avatars everyday usage.

Rollout is beginning in Second Life and the Opensim Hypergrid first off. We will expand into closed opensim grids like Inworldz, then Sinewave Space and High Fidelity, and worlds beyond…. The Galaxy is our goal.

GridFone AppStore
Like any smartphone, the GridFone has a thin, efficient, but powerful operating system at its core that enables the use of a myriad of applications on the GridFone system to provide your avatar not just with more powerful and reliable communications, but organization, record keeping, games, and any other applications you may desire, even running a virtual 3d world within a virtual world! Our SDK will allow independent app developers to create apps for the GridFone platform, and sell those apps on our appstore, across the metaverse. We are returning to you, the user, the idea that this is your world, your imagination. We are building a platform, but you are creating all the cool stuff that is making it worth using, and free to buy and sell that stuff with each other.